CPSCM Module 3

a) What a contract is, how it is formed

b) Who can form acontract

c) What forms a contract cantake

d) Uniform Commercial Code overview

e) Why corporate purchasing agents need to understand contract

a) A contract as a means of allocating risk b) A contract as a means of allocating TCO

c) Integration of T's & C's into the fabric of overall negotia tions contract law

a) In depth review of all standard Ts & Cs for goods and services agreements

1. What they mean

2. How they can be modified

3. TCO implications 4. Risk implications

5. Common vendor tactics

6. Common purchasing agent errors

7. Purchasing agent strategies for negotiating contract terms

8. Ensuring best in class TCO through contract terms

a) Document management and sharing practices

b) Recognition and management of breach

c) Use of the contract for supplier managementficatio

a) Review of real-world contract that resulted in serious problems for purchasing agent who signed it.