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CHRD™ Course Overview

CHRD™ Certified Human Resources Director™ – The Fortune 500 Certification Program By Choice™ is the global leading educational certification for senior HR Leaders across industry and governments. The CHRD™ Program is aimed at the present and next generation of Human Resources Officers working for dynamic global companies and Governmental agencies who need to broaden their horizons in the field and dimensions of Executive Human Resources, Execution and Delivery. CHRD™ Certified Human Resources Director – is a trademark of GAFM®/IBS Global Academy of Finance and Management ® International Board of Standards & Accreditation council, located in the EU and USA and fully protected under International Trademark and Copyrights Treaties and Laws among nations. The program is co-affliated by the prestigious Talent Management Academy (Germany).

HR is an important part for every Organization. The role of The HR department has to change from a more bureaucratic approach to a business partner. Some HR departments already have changed their title but didn’t change what they do. Understanding the business, what kind of projects are going on, what kind of Competencies do we need in this project, what kind of Competencies do we already have in our employees and which do we need to build. If somebody has a certain job and job level, what kind of Competencies should he have and how can I as HR make sure that he/she has them.

The other challenge is that latest in the year 2030 we will have a lack of Talented People. Companies have more Projects and Business than they can do, because they do not have enough Talented People. What does this mean? Companies need to be a “Great Place to Work” so that people want to join them. Companies need succession planning for their people, this is part of Talent Management. Succession planning is one reason why people join companies; money is not reason number #1.

Young and Talented People do want to have Managers and Leaders who build them and help them to grow. This is not just a problem in of the business, this is also valid for people inside of HR. Leaders of HR should know how to build up a modern Talent Management System, but they also should know how to build up their own people and coach them


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    GAFM Certification Key Benefits


    Gain Recognition from The Professional Global Certifying Body and Accreditation Council.

    US and Credential Recognition with US Credential Verification. Use of Board Certified Post Nominals and Designations after your name on your Business Card.

    Protect your job by achieving recognition from: an independent, vendor neutral, recognized and global authority.

    Assist the GAFM® with its work with the United Nations, Accreditation Agencies, and Department of Labor.

    he GAFM® Official Approved Annual Conferences are TOP Global Conference on International Money, Tax, and Market Issues, Events.

    Enhance your digital resume a key membership and industry recognized certification.

    You can add GAFM® to your Resume, Degree or Professional Licenses & Improve your professional image and salary potential.

    Request to Publish Research on our journal, publications, or website as a Certified Member.

    The GAFM® Board has international alliances with Leading Associations in the Arab World, Asia, Africa, India, China, Asia, Singapore and more.

    Top Faculty from around the world are GAFM® Members, Global Advisors and Fellows.


    Experiencing how to be a person with charismatic influence

    Understanding and reflecting the magic of Communication

    Defining the Competencies and practicing how to use them

    Learning how to be an excellent HR Consultant

    Coaching your Team towards an increased level of performance


    Your Career And Income Trajectory Will Catapult

    CHRD™ Certified Human Resources Director™ will give you an insight on how different verticals in HR are integrated and aligned to drive the organization goals. It will give you a sharp focus on the application of HR knowledge grounded in conceptual frameworks, along with a perspective of how the HR function effectively supports business objectives.

    The Certified Human Resources Director (CHRD™) Program trains HR Managers to broaden the understanding of human resources in the area of Business Support. It prepares managers to better understand themselves and how they can be a charismatic person of influence.


    Everthing You Will Learn Can Be Implemeneted Right Way

    The program enables the participants to consult their management team in all areas of people development. They will be able to actively create and lead the implementation of competency profiles. Enabling people by Coaching and using the Coaching.

    Before You Join Us, Let Us Tell You Exactly What You Are Going To Get So That You Know It's Right For You

    While other certification programs are based on theory and antiquated tactics from the 1900’s, CHRD is based on the REAL WORLD and proprietary strategies that were developed by the world’s most sought after Human Resources trainer.

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    The CHRD™ 2023 Annual Reviews

    “The CHRD™ Certification is an absolute game changer, and is by far the most valuable Talent Management certification program available today for senior HR Leaders”most valuable Talent Management certification program available today for senior HR Leaders”

    Kodak Alaris

    Director, HR

    “Certified HR Director has a great value in terms of the learning as well as branding of Senior HR Practitioners.”

    HDFC Bank Ltd

    Vertical Head HR

    “A great first impression. Rolf in true sense is The Encyclopaedia of Talent Management.”

    Terraform Global India Pvt Ltd

    Director , HR

    Competitors View have managed to get some great and high cadre group of attendees. You get to know the worth when you come and attend.”

    Netmagic IT Services

    AGM , HR

    “Competitors View organized and implemented the program in a very professional and structured way. Rolf Hartung “Encyclopaedia of Talent Management” was A++.

    Frost & Sullivan

    Vice President Human Resources

    “Competitors View was helpful and proactive in their approach. Learning with no doubt was transformational and Rolf is The Encyclopaedia of Talent Management.”

    Avalara Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Senior Manager Head TMG (INDIA)

    “The CHRD™ Course, I find myself reflecting everyday on the learnings and looking at my behavior through the lens taught by Rolf.”

    NTL Electronics India Ltd


    “Competitors View organized and implemented the program in a very professional and structured way.

    USV India Pvt. Ltd.

    Head HR

    “The Certified HR Director is a phenomenal platform for leading HR practitioners.”

    Group Corporate Affairs- Aditya Birla Group-ABMCPL


    “I applaud Competitors View to get such rich HR experienced professionals in the class. It`s helping immensely to improve my relationships with others.”


    Director HR

    “I am very thankful to competitors View for bringing this program to India.I see rapid ROI with immense practical learning.”

    Aeris India

    Head HR

    “The Course has changed my perspective in dealing with critical situations. This has been the most awakening and introspective exercise.”


    Clues Network Pvt ltd

    Senior. Director HR

    About Your Instructor

    Rolf Hartung is an expert emotional connectivity and HR strategist known as the most trusted, sought after HR and Talent Management trainer in the world and often considered to be #1 by many. He has spoken to large audiences in 29 countries; performed workshops for over half of the Fortune 100; and coached successful HR business leaders. He works as a Trustee and advisor to universities and other professional groups. He is known for continually learning, turning complex ideas into simple solutions, and creating real value to those he works with.

    Rolf is certified as “NLP Master and Trainer DVNLP” & “Coach DVNLP” which focus on Human Change and Communication. As Certified Trainer, he holds a certifications from the George Washington University, Washington, USA. With over 20 years of experience, he certified other instructors and drove the “Coach the Coach” Program. One of his special features lies within Organizational Development where he designed effective training programs for users across multiple responsibility levels and cultures. It includes the Development of Competency Profiles, Skill Driven Development Programs and the implementation of Premium Skills People Development Programs for different kind of jobs and their levels based on the Lominger Competencies as well as to evaluate training effectiveness.

    Since 1991, he has taught thousands of hours of courses, workshops, and seminars in 88 different countries on topics related to the entire spectrum of Human Resources. He has trained all 50 CHROs of the United States, been published in global journals including Fortune Magazine, has presented by request to Various University’s HR & Management program many times, and has worked with over 50% of the Fortune 100.

    His training programs and expertise range across a variety of bringing people to the expected competency level or to the next level of possible promotions. An additional asset is his long lasting experience in providing training in and making use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, to create and deliver Leadership & Communication Trainings, in close relation with HR. Most of his professional projects have been concentrated in People Development and Organizational Development accompanied by proven Leadership and People Management Skills Training.

    GAFM® – Global Academy Of Finance And Management®


    IBS International Board of Standards GAFM® Certification Enforcement! – Going Global Every Day © * GAFM® is a TUV Accredited ISO Certified 29990 Certification Training Body The GAFM® Council and Certification Board and the independent offshore consulting arm have continued to expand since 1996 . In the past decade, we have approved over 800 accredited business graduate programs worldwide and in next 12 months indicate that we will increase growth by another 100%.. Keeping it Global.

    It is also a founding member of the quality assurance standards memorandum of the CHEA International Quality Group.

    GAFM® is world recognized, an independent Board of Standards and Accreditation Council for professionals with members more than 150+ countries providing brand recognition for the graduate organization and for individual designations.

    In the 22 Arab Nations, GAFM® has a multi-year alliance with the Arab Leagues’ Arab Academy as a professional alliance organization, which gives the GAFM® authority to issue joint diplomas and professional certifications locally in the Arab World. GAFM® has approved over 800 accredited government educational providers worldwide via the ACBSP Accreditation articulation alliance and consults directly to assist several governments, including USA, China, Brazil, as well as the United Nations.

    GAFM® Certifications are also recognized by the India Academy, Latin Consortium, and the African Economist Association

    GAFM® Standards: Since 1996, the Academy has been promoting accredited graduate standards for certification in business, management, law, and finance. Since our inception, the Academy has been focused on quality assurance based on: accredited education, exams, assessment, ISO Standards, education, ethics, and continuing education. Experience: Further, applicants must also have the necessary experience in practice, research or publications in their respective areas of expertise.

    GAFM® Accreditation and Quality Assurance: GAFM® is accredited by the TUV Austria and certified with both ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 recognition (Learning Services for Education and Training). GAFM® is the First US/EU based organization to achieve this global accreditation. Also, the GAFM® was the first to effect a direct legal articulation with a government recognized national business accreditationagency for certification standards.

    GAFM® Quality: Also obtaining the ISO 9001: 2008, GAFM® continues to forge ahead to ensure the quality of its programs. Therefore, GAFM® is honored to be the first private certification body in EU and the USA to have obtained the ISO 29990: 2010 Learning Services for Certification Education, Professional Development, and Training.

    GAFM® is ISO 29990 Certified – The objective of ISO 29990:2010 is to provide a model for quality professional practice and performance, and a common reference for learning service providers (LSPs) and their clients in the design, development and delivery of non-formal education, training and development.The standard encourages a focus on the learner and the results of the process, and emphasizes the full range of options available for delivering learning services.

    Who Should Attend ?


    We’re VERY picky about who we accept into the program and we’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for admission.

    This program is not for beginners or those new to human resources or talent management. These materials were researched and designed to benefit the industry human resources veteran – one who is familiar with the primary terms, has ideally had at least three – five years progressively increasing HR related experience.

    This complete game changer certification course is designed for upper-middle and senior-level executives responsible for the development and management of HR functions, talent management and talent development strategy. Representative titles include:

    Directors, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers, Team Leads, Heads and Senior Managers.


    Competitors View provides an opportunity to connect your brand with HR leaders from all over the country.