Next cohort starts : 06 - 09th May, 2024

Limited no. of seats available

Program Duration : 4 days

4 hours live session / day

CEU Credits

15.00 Contact hours and get awarded 3.00 Continuing Education Units

CGNE™ Course Overview

The truth is, your ability to make it to the next level in the executive ladder has much less to do with your education or your experience than you think. Negotiation research shows that the biggest factor is your ability to influence – your ability to negotiate. To coalition build. To get internal customers, internal partners, and management on your side and behind your agenda. To set a vision and go achieve it. To build bridges instead of burn them. And to never have to look for a job – because the jobs are looking for you.

You’ll discover how to manage the tension between empathy and assertiveness. Learn to navigate personality differences, diverse agendas, and social pressures. By evaluating your personal tendencies in the face of conflict, you’ll learn to manage your strengths and weaknesses to become a more effective negotiator.

This complete game changer course is designed to help senior executives become successful negotiators, deal with difficult people and hard bargainers, structure deals, and manage conflict productively. Certified Global Negotiation Executive distils cutting-edge research and real-world (Indian) examples into two days of targeted executive education negotiation training. At CGNE, you will test your beliefs and assumptions, overcome emotional and rational biases, examine complex negotiation scenarios, and discover a range of competitive and cooperative, integrative negotiation strategies. You’ll build on your accumulated knowledge to generate descriptive insights for negotiating across a variety of competitive contexts. You will learn what tools work best for managers who need to shape agreements and informal understandings within a complex web of relationships. You will discover strategies for anticipating and responding to an array of complicating factors — from multiple parties and value differences.

Through relevant case studies you’ll learn how to apply negotiation theory to real-world situations and will have the opportunity to practice your newfound negotiation techniques.

If you’ve been in the same position for a while now, then you are in the danger zone. More education, more experience, and more years in the job – none of them will make a difference, not at this point in your career. In fact, you might just look back after 5 years and realize you didn’t get 5 more years’ experience, you got 1 year experience, 5 times.


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    CGNE™ Course Key Benefits

    Learn how to manage shared, differing, and conflicting interests

    Establish Your Negotiation Positions and Know Exactly How to Maximize Their Strength

    Avoid All the Pitfalls Of “Merely Effective” Negotiators and How to Be a Negotiation Master

    Drive Investigative Negotiations That Set the Stage for Winning the Deal… Before Negotiations Ever Start!

    Research and Determine Bargaining Power of Both Sides and Establish the Zone Of Possible Agreement

    Create Value in Negotiations and Make the Pie Bigger – And Have Both Parties Win Bigger

    Getting past the fixed pie bias for opportunity maximization for both sides

    Transfer Value to The Party That Values It Most, While Getting Even Bigger Returns as a Result

    Understand the Other Party’s Positions -And Their Underlying Interests – To Formulate Your Negotiation Strategy 

    Establish A Set of Negotiation Strategies That Ready You for Every Possible Outcome

    Survey after survey told us that purchasing professionals don’t like having to buy books, read on their own, study for all-or-nothing final exams, and then pay for and drive to fixed testing locations on fixed dates for exams.

    But they felt like they didn’t have a choice. Now you do.

    You will have your own private instructor.
    You’re going to learn new breakthrough strategies.
    Your career and income trajectory will catapult.


    Invest In Your Career.Invest In Your Results. Invest In Your Future. Lead At The Bargaining. Table By Sharpening Your Negotiations Skills.

    Who Should Attend ?

    Attendance is a must for Directors, VPs, MDs, General Managers, Team Leads, Heads and Senior Managers of the following departments/divisions but not limited to:

    Supplu Chain, Procurement, Purchasing, Logistic, Sourcing, Supply, Buyer, Category/Materials, Legal, Contracts

    Also Attend If You Are:

    End user and engineering teams – because the program will focus on how to take cost out of the equation (in the product or service design itself) before the team ever go out to bid – which requires end user and engineering involvement. The program will examine the roles/responsibilities on the negotiation on team which they will be a part of. It will cover how to engage with these teams early to get better purchasing results, and finally walk the participant through how to redefine what is being purchased in terms of desired performance results which typically, only the end users can illustrate. End users are used to telling the organization what goods and services they want to buy and then often complain about the performance results.

    Video Reviews

    The CGNE™ 2021 Annual Reviews

    It was a fabulous seminar, had insights views on the supply chain and negotiation part.

    N.V. Hariharan

    Corporate Director Materials Indian Hotels Co. Ltd.

    The trainer was excellent having good amount of subject knowledge and related terms. Good case studies were discussed which elaborated on the topics in program.

    Sanjeev Bhati

    Director Purchase Hella India Automotive Pvt Ltd

    It was a well-organized program conducted by Competitors View. Omid is an excellent facilitator. He kept the participants engaged with case studies and role-plays.

    Sandeep Jain

    CEO and Founder Value- Unlocked

    Omid delivers excellent theory on purchasing and SCM provided completely new look to proceed further. We will definitely take this learning and use in our day to day work

    Deepak Sharan

    Group Head (Contracts) Tata Power

    This course has changed my thinking for purchase. The entire session was impressive and interesting.

    Mohit Kumar Bangre

    Head- Central Procurement Aditya Birla Retail Ltd.

    The training was excellent. It covered most of the areas of negotiation, situations, behaviors and provided good case studies.

    Prashant Awale

    AVP- IT Procurement National Payments Corporation Of India

    Excellent knowledge of subject and case studies which was well placed to understand the negotiation skills. In spite of heavy rain in Mumbai the training was well organised.

    Rajesh Agarwal

    VP- Procurement and Logistics Century Ply boards Ltd

    The 2 Day CGNE™️ Certification was excellent. It was very well organised and thanks to CV for conducting this CGNE™️ course.

    Jitendra Pingale

    GM- Purchase Allana Group

    Very well informed and knowledgeable. The training was well imparted and managed.
    Overall experience for 2 days was excellent.

    Atanu Das,

    Associate VP- OBT MICE Cox & Kings Ltd

    The CGNE™️ Masterclass carries good and realistic case studies. The program had a great mix between listening and activities.

    Seema Ahuja

    Sr. General Manager Cox & Kings Ltd

    The CGNE™️ Certification carries immense value for senior procurement executives with highly useful tools being discussed.

    Rishi Dixit

    Sr. Manager Procurement University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

    “This course provided competitive edge with well-experienced faculty and well-designed content. Co-ordination and management of Team View was highly appreciable. Great job Competitors View!”

    NJ Jessan

    Deputy Manager Purchasing | BMW

    The Only Thing Will Put Your Executive Career On The Fast Track


    Have you mastered the art and science of influencing? Are you a Master Negotiator? Do people follow your lead because they are enthusiastic ambassadors of your vision, or is because you write their review?

    Are you using your position power to get things done? Internally with business partners? Externally with suppliers? Here’s a secret: the best leaders almost never do.

    Position power results in disgruntled followers and stagnant careers. Master negotiators know how to crack cases. They engage in investigative negotiations. They understand not just the other party’s positions, but also their interests. They don’t try to win everything or get the biggest piece of the pie, they make the pie bigger and make both parties win – bigger. They know how to create and claim value. They have mastered the art and science of influence and negotiations. In the world of business, they are the ones that make things happen.

    About Your Instructor

    Makis Papapostolou, CGNE™, CPSCM™ is nearly 3-decade veteran of procurement, having served most of this period as a Chief Procurement Officer for many large global firms. Handpicked by the Center for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management CEO, Omid Ghamami, Makis is one of the most globally recognized thought leaders in the field of Purchasing and Negotiations.

    Makis has 30+ years’ experience holding responsibility for $1B+ in annual expenditures. Strategically restructuring and leading procurement teams, Asset and Facility procurement management, strategic sourcing and stakeholder management, leading Cost Optimization programs that reduce OPEX and CAPEX, positively influencing the financial results while being responsible for tendering, negotiating and sourcing a wide range of categories of goods and services for Groups of companies geographically dispersed in a multitude of diverse industries leading their entire global corporate purchasing operations. Makis has led procurement teams across Lebara Group, ALUMIL Group, Capital Resources, Deutsche Telekom Group, VODAFONE SA


    YES! I want to pursue the World’s Most Advanced, Flexible and Interactive Master Negotiation Training for Senior Executives – The Harvard University Approach & become a Certified Global Negotiation Executive™ and take my Organization to the pinnacle through World Class Negotiation Excellence.