Manoj Chugh

Member Group Executive Board


Response: A crisis is not a make or break, but a Litmus Test of effective leadership. Every sinew and muscle has to be brought into play. Mental toughness is key and a “Zen” like attitude has to be taken.

Response: There are four key areas that leaders should focus on:

  • First is on one’s employees. People are our greatest asset. Their well being and that of their loved ones is paramount.
  • Once we ascertain that our employees needs are taken care of, doing a quick financial stress test to make sure one has enough cash to last through the tough times. It is important to secure the organization financially. It is time to loosen the purse strings of the War Chest that one has built over the years.
  • Serving and supporting the communities that we are a part of and the ecosystem around is equally important. The need to “step out” and help in any way that one can based on one’s resources and abilities is our “dharma.”
  • Getting “back to business,” thinking about which parts of one’s business will yield the desired financial returns, what can we “stop doing” in the post pandemic World, how we will serve the new engagement models of our customers, who do we get back to office and who can continue to work from home. All these aspects need to be thought through. Post the pandemic, we want to make sure that we come out as a “renewed” and “reinvigorated” organization, which is best in class in whatever we endeavour to continue to do.

Response: Encouraging employees to work in teams to come up with ideas on process improvement. Asking fundamental questions on what one should “stop doing” and crowd sourcing ideas is critical. An outreach program, focused on open communication and a sincere desire to take feedback and suggestions is critical. Asking ourselves fundamental questions on our competitive position and where we are World Beating, are important. It is a time to reflect and think deep.

Response: By having an open and transparent approach. Employees understand the reality. Constant communication is key. It helps build a Trusted Relationship.

Response: To remain calm and cool.  Have a positive mindset. Recognize that “tough times do not last, tough people do” and importantly, not to waste a crisis. Lastly, remember, “ this too shall pass.”